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Fan fiction prompts for the vampire diaries as well as a place to put plot bunnies up for adoption


…to the tvd-ficprompt community. The place for posting your prompts for TVD fanfiction, or those TVD plot-bunnies that just won’t leave you alone. You can post a link to your own journal or community, or post directly in the community.

All characters are welcome, as well as all pairings, all genres, all ratings, crossover, TVD books verse, TVD show verse, whatever you like. As long as it is about the Vampire Diaries.

Guidelines & Rules to posting

- Mainly fan fiction, but feel free to prompt for other artwork as well.
- Add any warnings that apply to your story, even if it is behind a cut or at your own journal. People need to know what you are linking them to.
- Use tags as much as you can. If you need my to add a tag, please feel free to ask.
- Place any graphics that are not work safe behind an LJ cut.
- No bashing. None. Not of characters, actors or each other.
- Trolls will starved, banned and killed. And then banned again.

Credits, disclaimers, questions& concerns

Credit for the name of the communtiy goes to waltzmatildah

The vampire diaries are owned by L.J. Smith, Harper Collins and Alloy Entertainment, Kevin Williamson et al, Alloy Entertainment and the CW Network.

No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made from this community. If you see any artwork here that should not be, please contact me.

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