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Damon & Elena Holiday Exchange 2012


    By Authors, For Authors

Sign up by 12/12/12.

Post your story by 01/04/13.

Pass it on to your favorite Damon/Elena author.  @tvdmixing


So, it seems like the best way to enjoy The Vampire Diaries these days is to simply Go With The Crack. It's a thing. So I thought, why not celebrate that?! So, THIS! I have no idea whether this has been done/attempted before. I've not seen one quite like it but it seems like SUCH FUN so I kinda think I can't possibly be THAT ORIGINAL...!

Anyway, I call it


What is this epic of which you speak and how do I get involved?

I'm hosting an AU/AH Fiction Challenge at tvdmixing</lj> - Bring on the cracky threesomes! :)

TVD Three Sentence Ficathon

A comment ficathon dedicated to three-sentence-fics for TVD. It only takes a few minutes!
Hosted by cassiehayes.

Big Bangs & Big Fangs!

Here are the Big Bang entries for the writers on my flist! More to come, so stay tuned if you're looking for something good to read! As always, these are in random order. Accept for the first one posted. I had the honor of being a beta for this story!

Yes, this is a big post. No, I will not use a cut for this. Sometimes artwork in whatever form it comes in is so amazing that it deserves to FLOOD inboxes.


Title: Can't Say No
Artist: sourpony
Rating: Hard R
Characters/Pairings: Alaric/Katherine
Warnings: Select to see Sexual context, non-sexual violence, strong language, mild gore, bloodplay, vampire!death, references to child abuse/child murder
Spoilers: Spoilers through the end of S2
Summary: When Katherine shows up on Alaric's doorstep looking for a place to stay and his aid in fighting an enemy, he can't bring himself to refuse. As she insinuates herself more and more into his life and drags him into hers, Alaric starts to realize that she has ulterior motives that could mean his doom--or his salvation.
A/N: Special thanks to my betas, rillalicious and brightstarmara, as well my artist/fanmixer, sourpony! This fic can be found on AO3 here.
sourpony 's art and fanmix can be found HERE

Click the banner to get to the masterpost for Can't Say No


Title: Watch You Bleed Me Dry
Artist: tinnny Please make sure to tell her how fabulous her art is here...
Betas: ovariesofsteel, gustavine, tinnny
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Damon, Elena, Stefan, Katherine, Bonnie, Caroline, Klaus (Damon/Elena, imp Stefan/Elena, imp Stefan/Katherine, imp Damon/Katherine)
Warnings: Sexual content and violence (including character death)
Summary: A season three AU set in the aftermath of Stefan’s deal with Klaus

Click on the banner to go to the masterpost for this BigBang story!


Title: The Past is Prologue
Pairing(s): Miranda/Grayson, John/Isobel, John/Jenna, Grayson/Liz, Carol/Richard, Jenna/Logan, Jenna/Mason, Miranda/Richard, Isobel/Damon, Isobel/Alaric
Spoilers: set primarily pre-series but does have spoilers concerning the Gilbert and Lockwood families as well as general spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for language and explicit sexuality, including consensual sex between teenagers
Beta: badboy_fangirl, of whom I cannot say enough incredible things about it and who graciously volunteered to beta for me even as she was writing her own Big Bang.
Artwork:bambiscott did all of the amazing banners for this story out of the goodness of her heart and deserves more thank-yous than I can possibly offer.
Author's notes: This was written for the 2011 het_bigbang. The website which hosts all of the stories and allows them to be read as one massive document is HERE. There are over 50 stories of every fandom/pairing there, so I highly encourage everyone to check it out.
More Author's notes: Um, I don't like to solicit for reviews and comments (mostly because I, in fact, am a horrible reviewer/commenter) but this literally took up 4 months of my life. Even if it's a two word response, good or bad, I'd appreciate it.
Summary: Everyone seems to forget they were young once too. Find out how Grayson found out about vampires, how Miranda ended up Mrs. Gilbert, how Richard became Mayor of Mystic Falls, what really happened between John and Isobel, how Liz became Sheriff, why Jenna only has "dirty shame," and how Isobel Flemming became a vampire.

Click on the banner to go to the Masterpost for this story


Title: Saved By Grace
Pairing(s): Damon/Elena (with allusions to other pairings: Jeremy/Bonnie, Stefan/Katherine, Tyler/Caroline, Stefan/Caroline, Tyler/OFC, Elijah/Katherine)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for sex and minor bloodplay
Betas: abvj and drkprncss17 (who did the whole thing, bless them); lit_chick08 and littledivinity (who did portions, and cheered me on). Suffice it to say, without them, this would be a much bigger mess than it is. I CANNOT ADEQUATELY THANK THEM IN THIS LIFETIME. Just know they all deserve stars for their crowns in heaven.
Spoilers: Everything through the end of S2.
Summary: Stefan leaves Mystic Falls to run around with Klaus while Damon and Elena deal with the fallout from his wolf-bite and their growing feelings for each other. After Elena leaves for college, they begin a relationship that reaches a pinnacle just as Stefan's ready to return home.
Author's notes: I would like an award that says, I survived Big_Bang 2011. That is all. The website that irony_rocks and company designed is up, and my story is HERE in its entirety, or you can read it in chapter sections from LJ. Either way, let me say that I don't normally ask for feedback (*reviews are love* comments generally turn my stomach), but y'all, THIS WAS MY ENTIRE SUMMER. This is what I ate, slept, lived, breathed every day since May. It really consumed so much of my life and a little remark on that would be much appreciated. So if you take the time to read it, please take the time to tell me if you liked it or not. Concrit is welcome, since the whole thing is Jossed now with season three anyway. Also check out the artwork created for my story by jadetigerlilly. Damon's hair is great! *g* You can click HERE for some deleted scenes.

The artwork for this story can be found HERE

'Cause when we're torn apart
Shattered and scarred
Love has the grace to save us
~from "Saints and Angels" by Sara Evans

Stay tuned!